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In a world of aggressive surgery, chemotherapy and radiation new innovative treatments are sometimes looked upon as unproven therefore unacceptable by USA conventional medicine. Even proven treatments from around the world that are outside of the conventional medical norm are discounted and characterized as a hoax, even though many times at some future date they are accepted in conventional USA medicine. Just two good examples are Taxol chemotherapy and the MRI, both of which were available in Mexico, long before becoming accepted in the USA.

Over the years Dr. Rogers' and his team have treated thousands of patients with a combination of natural, biomedical and conventional treatments that together improve the immune system and reverse the harmful effects of our normal course of treatments for many diseases and conditions including cancer.

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Dr. Dan Rogers

Chief Medical Officer, Founder

Dr. Rogers has been treating patients using complementary, alternative, holistic medicine since the late 1970's. His practice started...

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Various Therapies & Diseases We Treat

Dr. Rogers has been treating patients using complementary, alternative, holistic medicine along with the best of conventional medicine since the late 1970's.

He has over the last number of years, combined some of the best-known therapy modalities of this century into the leading truly integrative medical practice in the world. Each of these modalities has achieved long term results on its own, but no one has ever combined them together as he has, with some very amazing results.

This is what Dr. Rogers calls: "Rogers Immunotherapy & GersonPlus Therapy - The Better Choice."

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"When I toured the alternative-cancer-therapy clinics and hospitals in Tijuana, I was impressed by the lack of statistical information on outcomes. Some had a track record of thousands of patients, but they were unwilling or unable to provide potential patients/consumers with clear statistics. Of the medical practices that I visited, only one had a published, peer-reviewed, quantitative analysis of outcomes."
- Prof. David J. Hess, "Can Bacteria Cause Cancer?" NY University Press 1997.

(Editor's note: Dr. Rogers' group has the only USA peer reviewed published results of alternative medicine in Mexico.)

"This melanoma report represents a wonderful model of how retrospective observational data can be put together to indicate whether a prospective trial might be warranted and might well serve as the model for future early field investigations."
- Alan Trachtenberg, Acting Director, Office of Alternative Medicine, Office of the Director, National Institutes of Health, March 21, 1995.

"The results of this study are most provocative and convincing I might add"
- T. Colin Campbell, Cornell University, pers. comm., 1995.

"If it [the melanoma report] is not pursued, it will represent a betrayal of patients who have had to wait too long for genuine breakthroughs."
- Edward Lord Baldwin of Bewdley, Co-Chair Parliamentary Group for Alternative and Complementary Medicine, House of Lords, UK, in an address before the House of Lords, 74LD23-PAGV7, Jan. 10, 1996.

"Proponents of alternative medicine should put (a randomized study of the Gerson diet) at the top of their agenda."
- Julian Peto, Royal Cancer Hospital, UK, May 15, 1996.

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