International Biomedical Research

When your doctor has said...
"there is nothing more we can do"


In a world of agressive surgery, chemo and radiation new innovative treatments are sometimes looked upon as unproven therefore unacceptable. Even proven treatments that are outside of the Medical norm are discontinued and charecterized as a hoax. Over the years we have treated thousands of cancer victims with a combination of natural and biomedical treatments that together improve the immune system and reverse the harmful effects of our normal course of cancer treatment.

Cancer treatment in Tijuana Mexico

Although there is a stigma that exisits today surrounding the Mexican Cancer Clinics the plain truth is Tijuana Mexico has some of the most effective Cancer Treatment in the World. Physicians practicing in the area have a number of hospitals that are equipped for Cancer Care and staffed with experienced oncology related specialists. We work with two of the Hospitals in the area and believe they provide excellent care and service that can be compared to any facility in the World.

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