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GERSON THERAPY - Max B. Gerson, M.D., may be regarded as the Father of Nutritional Immunology for his many contributions in chronic and degenerative diseases, infectious diseases, and cancer (see section on "Gerson's Diet Therapy").

AUTOLOGOUS CELL VACCINE - The patient's own plasma is cultured, following procedures that favor the development of antigenic peptides and other immunogenic compounds. These immune stimulating products are harvested to create a personalized vaccine. Experience has shown that its effectiveness is enhanced when it is administered within a comprehensive immunobiological treatment program that corrects the conditions that lead to immune suppression. The vaccine is non-toxic and sterile. Under medical supervision, it is injected subcutaneously once a week for 3 months. Depending on response, a new vaccine is prepared for the patient every 3 months for a year or longer.

AUTO-HEMOTHERAPY - A small amount of the patient's blood is removed, allowed to break down to release intracellular forms, and injected intramuscularly.


ULTRAVIOLET BLOOD IRRADIATION (UVB) - A small amount of the patient's blood is circulated in a closed system, by cuvette through a device which ozonates it, irradiates it with ultraviolet light, and
returns it immediately to the patient's bloodstream. This procedure produces a multitude of beneficial effects with no known side effects.

OZONE - First reported in 1965 to enhance the cancer killing effect of radiotherapy, its regular application is based on the observation that patients experience enhancement of subjective sense of well being. More recently the possibility has been raised that administration of oxygen radicals may compensate, at least in part, for the failure of P-53 gene expression thereby encouraging cancer cell apoptosis (cell suicide). Ozone is administered topically, rectally, and intravenously (during UVB).

COLEY'S TOXINS - Historically, a surprisingly large number of "spontaneous regressions" of cancer have occurred during inflammatory infections. Coley's toxins are an immune stimulating, injectable (dead) bacterial reagent documented historically to have cured many cases of advanced cancer. Gerson (1958) called for an investigation of Coley's toxins within the context of his treatment. Issels used this material safely and successfully in thousands of patients over a period of forty years. Dr. Rogers has used this mixed bacterial vaccine to successfully treat many hundreds of patients to date.

IMMERSION HYPERTHERMIA - Full body, medically supervised hot tub bath with herbal teas to induce sweating. Full body wraps and cool down. Body heating has been shown to have beneficial effects in cancer treatment.

LAETRILE - Used with hyperthermia to weaken malignant cells.

UREA/CREATINE - Danopoulos published in respected journals many provocative reports of tumor responses to synthetic urea and creatine. Dr. Rogers has merged Danopoulos' protocols with the much higher dosages used safely by Nalbadian. This treatment is an important alternative method of tumor debulking.

GOVALLO'S VG1000 is an experimental vaccine aimed at prevention of tumor recurrence. Stemming from Govallo's Russian-certified vaccination to cure chronic miscarriages, injectable placental extracts exploit similarities between tumor immune-masking and placental protection against rejection.

WOBE ENZYMES - Wolf & Benitez (Wobe®) proposed the use of a variety of enzymes in high doses to combat malignancies. Preliminary findings in Germany are encouraging.

POLARIZING SOLUTION - Glucose, potassium, and insulin (GKI) given intravenously to reverse tissue damage (edema) in normal tissue surrounding tumors, and to destabilize malignant growths by making them acidic. Developed by respected cardiologist Demetrio Sodi-Pallares, M.D.

COQ10 - This vitamin has shown a strong anti-tumor effect in a breast cancer trial (Copenhagen, Denmark). Principal investigator Karl Folkers reports regression of liver and lung tumors in a current German trial.

REOSSIFICATION THERAPIES - These treatments (calcitonin, clodronate, pamidronate, etc.) can heal cancer-damaged bones.

CARTILAGE THERAPY - Historically, Prudden demonstrated that cartilage extracts from the tracheal rings of young calves accelerates and strengthens surgical wound healing, provides beneficial effect in arthritis, and is curative in malignant psoriasis. He published anti-tumor effects in 1985, and is conducting a current trial showing promise in advanced kidney cancer. Other cartilage extracts are in various stages of development.

PHYSICAL THERAPY + STRESS REDUCTION are essential components of rehabilitation.

STAGING/MONITORING Conventional lab tests and scans are used to stage and monitor the progress of patients. Patients are requested to bring prior medical records and radiology films if possible when coming. Some alternative diagnostic procedures are used, however, physicians also utilize conventional lab works and scans at the hospital and for on-going follow-up after patients return home.

LABS - Routine basic tests may include SMAC (Chemistry Panel), CBC with Differential, Urinalysis, EKG, and specific Tumor Markers as needed.

RADIOLOGY - Any standard technology, including x-ray, ultrasound, MRI, CT, radionuclide bone scan, etc. is ordered as often as necessary to monitor progress.

MAXILLOFACIAL FOCI REVIEW - This set of diagnostic procedures includes the biological dentist and several surgeons. In the mouth, root canals, devitalized teeth, and silver amalgams are considered. In the nose and throat, sinuses, tonsils, and adenoids will be examined.

FOCI OF INFECTION - From the first tonsillitis - causing respiratory infections of infancy - and from the first cavities in baby teeth - strep and staph bacteria and other infections smolder chronically in both tissue and bone. Issels taught that infections in teeth, jawbones, tonsils and adenoids are the longest standing (since early childhood) immune suppressing influences common to almost all cancer patients.

Surgical removal of chronically infected tissue and bone frees the immune system, giving far-advanced patients another chance to fight the disease from within. For example, in 1972 a consecutive sample of 462 cancer patients underwent tonsillectomies at Issels, Ringberg Klinik. An independent and highly regarded pathology laboratory confirmed that every single pair of tonsils was diseased with infections, atrophy, hyperplasia and even malignancies. After the institution of routine foci removal (including root canalled teeth), the rate of deaths due to cardiac co-morbidity's in the Ringberg Klinik fell dramatically and the rate of cures increased concomitantly.

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Individualized therapy plans are designed for each patient on medical review of the patients needs. Therapy plans are dependent upon the patient's physical condition, optimum results desired, time, etc. The treatment schedule is very important, as are the combination of therapies. Costs vary depending on treatments provided.

FULL GERSON'S DIET THERAPY as practiced by Dr. Rogers for more since 1978:

  • 13 Freshly prepared fruit and vegetable juices
  • Vegetarian meals
  • Abundance of fresh fruit Fresh juices
  • Extreme salt restriction
  • Extreme fat restriction
  • Calorie restriction
  • Fluid forcing
  • Animal protein restriction
  • Nutrient Hyperalimentation
  • Acceleration of metabolism
  • Potassium compound - oral
  • Pancreas enzymes - oral
  • Acidol
  • CoQ10 - oral
  • Vitamin E - oral
  • Niacin - oral
  • Brewer's yeast
  • Liver capsules
  • Thyroid - oral
  • Vitamin C - oral
  • Lugol's solution
  • Liver/B12 injections
  • Enemas of coffee and/or chamomile tea
  • Castor oil days Castor oil packs
  • Clay packs Herbal teas
Additions to the Full Gerson Therapy
Complete enzyme therapy
Daily PolyMVA
Daily Nursing Care
Complete Lab testing with chemistry profiles
Daily Medical Consultations
Somatometric Measurements
Optional Companion Room and Board

  • Autologous Cell Vaccine
  • Govallo Therapy
  • Coley's Mixed Bacterial Vaccines
  • Physical Therapy
  • Dental Toxin Review
  • Pain Control
  • Danoupolis Oral/Rectal or Rogers I.V./Intertumoral Urea w/Creatine
  • Stress Management
  • Surgical Intervention
  • I.V. Polarizing (GKI) solution
  • X-ray, Ultrasound, CAT or MRI
  • Treatment for Heavy Metals
  • Shark Cartilage Oral/Rectal/I.V.
  • Chemotherapy Radiation Therapy
  • Immunology Therapy I.V.
  • Vitamin C Infusions
  • Ultra Violet Blood Irradiation I.V.
  • Chelation Therapy
  • Autohemotherapy
  • Hydrazine Sulfate, Oral, IV
  • Laetril (IV, Oral or Rectal)
  • Oncological Assessment
  • Neural Therapy
  • Tumor Markers
  • Kalima or Colonic Therapy
  • Additional Therapies as Required

Dr. Rogers treats each patient with care, respect and understanding, using any and all modalities at his disposal, including many not specifically mentioned above. Any one or more of these modalities or protocols may or may not be given to an individual patient. Also the timing of when a particular treatment will be started is a decision arrived at between the treating physician and the patient or guardian. The timing and the mix of treatments given an individual patient are part of the art of medicine and require experience to be done expertly. All of these treatments and more are available at current rates.


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ADMISSION DEPOSIT: At the time of admission, you will be asked to make an initial deposit. Your individualized treatment plan will be designed by Dr. Rogers and on going financial arrangements will be made at that time.

TAXES: All services are subject to a 16% federal tax in Mexico.

PAYMENT: Bank wires(preferred), traveler's checks or cash are routinely accepted. Please note: personal checks, cashier's checks, bank drafts or insurance assignments cards are not accepted as forms of payment.

COSTS: Please note that all therapy is based upon the patient's condition and will be modified depending on the assessment of hospital personnel. Discount plans are available for hospitalization of 4 weeks or longer, if the patient is medically stable.

Note: Maintaining a patient on the above listed therapies is dependent upon medical review of the patient by hospital medical personnel. If at anytime the patient is no longer medically stable enough to remain on the above listed protocols, their stay from that time on is subject to regular hospital fees currently in effect. As long as the patient is doing any form of the above therapies, and the patient is not being charged higher current hospital fees, their stay will be subject to the full fees for the above listed therapies, even though they may only be receiving a part of the stated treatments.

Prices are subject to change without notice.

COMPANION ROOM AND BOARD: You are strongly encouraged to bring a companion. No individual aspect of the treatment is difficult to understand, but the initial learning curve is quite steep due to the many details involved. Experience has shown that a "buddy system" is far more likely than a "solo effort" to result in accurate replication of the treatment when you return to your home. Companions will be billed $90 per day ($630 per week) for meals, bedding, linens, towels, and toiletries. For GersonPlus Therapy patients, companions are included in the cost of the treatment.

PLAN YOUR STAY: Three weeks of hospitalization is the minimum generally recommended. Those with advanced disease and complications are encouraged to stay six weeks or longer.

HOME SETUP COSTS: A three month's supply of Gerson diet medications and supplies averages about $950.

If you are on the GersonPlus Therapy, your first 6 months of supplies are included in the cost of the treatment, and will be sent home with you.

Juicers range from $450 to $2500. Appropriate choices include Norwalk, K&K, Champion (with a separate press), Juiceman, Angel Life, and Green Power juicers.

Your ongoing food costs range from $200 to $500 per week depending upon your location, seasonal supplies, and cost of shipping. We suggest you designate someone to investigate local and regional suppliers of organically grown produce while you are in Mexico.(food co-ops, health food stores, shipping houses, state agricultural organizations etc.)

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Please call or email the Baja Health & Wellness Center with

1) Airline Name
2) Flight Number
3) Arrival Date
4) Arrival time in San Diego Airport or Tijuana International Airport
5) Cell phone number


  • Medical records, including pathology and current lab reports, discharge summaries, X-rays ,CT, MRI, and CAT scans not already provided(digital copies are preferred). If you encounter difficulties obtaining the necessary medical records, please do not delay travel. Upon your arrival, we will have you sign a medical release and obtain the records for you.

  • A large empty suitcase to transport your treatment supplies.

  • Adequate amounts of your current medications, and personal medical supplies.

  • Laptop, smart phone or other WiFi device for checking and sending e-mail.

  • Personal items and clothing, Mexico has quite warm days and cool nights.

  • Camera, Video and/or Audio Recorder.

  • Clock Radio or Travel alarm clock.

  • Visa if required to return to the USA or other Country.

  • A Passport is required to re-enter the USA.

All evaluations and discussions regarding specific medical treatment will occur at the hospital facility.



  • Please arrange to arrive on a weekday if possible.
  • Book your flight to the San Diego International Airport or Tijuana International Airport.
  • Please provide us with your cell phone number before you come, and turn it on as soon as you land. The driver will call you at your scheduled landing time. On your arrival, proceed to the traveler's Aid Desk near your baggage claim area.

  • The hospital driver will meet you at the Traveler's Aid Desk. Fee is $50 per trip to and from the airport and or the San Diego area.

DRIVING IN: please contact the Baja Health & Wellness Center Manager for a map.

about Dr. Dan Rogers

Dr. Rogers has been treating patients using complementary, alternative, holistic medicine since the late 1970's. His practice started at the "Jardines de La Mesa" facility in 1978. Charlotte Gerson, Dr. Gerson's daughter and Norman Fritz were just reintroducing the idea of Gerson Therapy to the medical world, as it was just a "book on the shelf", from the time that Dr. Max Gerson passed away in 1959, until the late 1970's. Charlotte Gerson and Norman Fritz had essentially been unsuccessful except in a very limited way until that time.

Dr. Rogers along with several other physicians started using the therapy as per Dr. Gerson's Book. Dr. Rogers soon realized that the practice needed to continue to develop, just as Dr. Max Gerson did while he was alive. As one example, Charlotte Gerson would not allow patients with prior chemotherapy to be treated, as they did not do well in her limited experience. Dr. Rogers developed the treatment protocols that everyone currently practicing true Gerson Therapy still uses today for the treatment of cancer patients with prior treatment using chemotherapy, radiation or surgery.

Dr. Rogers continued his practice at "Hospital La Gloria" when the two facilities merged in the early 1980's. After a destructive fire in the kitchen area of La Gloria, the practice was moved to "Hospital Del Sol" in the beach area of Playas Tijuana. When the practice subsequently moved to "CHIPSA Hospital", also in the beach area in the mid 1980's, Dr. Rogers took over as Chief of Staff and Director of Clinical Investigations.

Dr. Rogers is now in a solo practice and continues to develop and improve on what he now calls "The Gerson Plus Therapy - The Better Choice." Dr. Rogers holds the registration in Mexico to provide medical treatment for human illnesses by means of nutritionally based Gerson Therapy (Marca Registrada # 512646). He also holds all rights reserved under the following trademarks: Marca Registrada # 512642, #512643, in Mexico and Registered Trademark/Service Marks in the European Union (CTM) #66563 for Classes 9, 16 and 42.

Cancer is a generalized disease of the body arising in the following phases:

  1. Causal factors, leading to disease symptoms (including the formation of tumors).
  2. Secondary damage, leading to disease symptoms (including the formation of tumors).
  3. Disease milieu and lowered resistance, leading to disease symptoms (including the formation of tumors).
  4. Susceptibility to infection and pathological change, leading to disease symptoms (including the formation of tumors).

Dr. Rogers treatment program includes:

  1. Correction of all known causal factors;
  2. Desensitization to causal factors;
  3. Normalization of secondary damages to host metabolism by dietotherapy and supportive treatments, correction of acid-base derailment by treatment of serum alkalosis and tissue acidosis, hyperthermia, fever therapy, oxygen/ozone treatment, ultraviolet blood irradiation, enzymes, glandulars, organ extracts, neural therapy and;
  4. Vaccines.

Clinical observation and statistical analyses have revealed the following:

  • In incurable cancers, when all standard treatments have been exhausted, immunological modalities improve general condition, prolong life and, in a variety of cases, achieve complete long-term remissions.

  • Immunological treatment following surgery, radiation and chemotherapy significantly reduces the incidence of relapse and raises the cure rates in most cancers.

  • During immunological treatment, cancer patients experience relief from a vast variety of chronic conditions that have been resistant to standard treatment.

GERSON PLUS THERAPY - "The Better Choice"

Dr. Josef Issels and Dr. Max Gerson, based their treatments on the concept that cancer along with chronic and degenerative diseases do not develop in a healthy body with intact defense and repair functions. This is the basis that Dr. Dan Rogers continues to use for his medical practice.

Cancer presents in a specific internal environment that promotes malignant growth. This environment develops over a period of time due to multiple causes and conditions that persist and remain chronically active even after treatment of the malignancy (by surgery, radiation, and/or chemotherapy). These remaining causes are responsible for the formation of new disease, which occurs after anti-malignancy treatment in every second cancer patient according to world statistics.

In 1996, Dr. Issels moved to California to become co-principal investigator and senior medical consultant with Dr. Rogers. He taught Dr. Dan Rogers his medical philosophy and protocols. Together, they worked to integrate Gerson's therapy and Dr. Issels' Comprehensive Immunotherapy. Josef M. Issels, M.D. joined the research team and medical practice as Senior Consulting Physician and Co-Principal Investigator in July of 1996. He led the initiative to merge his Whole Body Immunotherapy with the Gerson Therapy. Dr. Issels touched every part of the research team and medical practice with his wisdom, insight, cutting vision, patience and humor. His gift to mankind lives on in Dr. Rogers practice as he furthers his quest for more cures.

Dr. Dan Rogers, a 30+-year veteran of alternative medicine, is the Director of Clinical Investigations. Under his leadership, the medical team applies the new and far reaching Gerson Plus Therapy protocols. The physicians place equal importance on the destruction of malignant cells AND on the causes and conditions leading to the body's tendency to develop cancer, chronic and degenerative diseases in the first place.

Holistic comprehensive immunotherapy as practiced by Dr. Rogers is able to reverse chronic degenerative diseases such as arthritis, lupus, Grave's disease, Sjoegren's syndrome, asthma, ALS, Alzheimer's Disease, Multiple Sclerosis, Candida, allergies, Degenerative Diseases, etc.

Nov 21, 1907 - Feb 11, 1998

Dr. Josef Issels is regarded throughout the world as the Father of Integrative Medicine. His "Hypothesis of the Pathogenesis of Cancer, Chronic, and Degenerative Diseases" is the algorithmic template which guides the integration of alternative, complementary, and standard treatments by physicians. Two independent retrospective epidemiological reviews confirmed that Issels consistently cured many exhaustively pretreated and hopelessly advanced cancer patients during his forty years as head of a hospital for incurable cancer patients.

The focus of integrative medical care is the individual patient - the implementation is two-fold, comprising 1) both standard and unconventional methods directed at the elimination of malignant cells as well as
2) a system of non-specific immunological treatment modalities aimed at the restoration of the internal milieu and enhancement of the natural defense and repair mechanisms of the whole person.

According to Roger Newman Turner, N.D. (Naturopathic Medicine - Treating the Whole Person), "Dr. Issels provides what can be regarded as a 'blueprint' for our understanding of all chronic disease in his theories on the pathogenesis of disease.

Dr. Issels was the subject of a 1970 BBC documentary entitled "Go Climb a Mountain." BBC researchers concluded that the results of two independent epidemiological chart reviews had confirmed the cure of many cases of advanced cancer. A.G. Audier reported a 16.6% cure rate in 252 histologically verified Stage IV metastatic malignomas by the Issels comprehensive immunotherapy even after all conventional methods were exhausted (world wide cure rate is 2%). Using the same exclusion criteria, John Anderson, M.D., reported 17% cures of histologically verified metastatic malignomas all Stage IV, by the Issels comprehensive immunotherapy. The study comprised 570 patients, 87% of which were alive and disease-free after 5-years.

Josef M. Issels, MD, became internationally known for his remarkable rate of complete long-term remissions of "incurable cancers" in patients who had exhausted all standard treatments, such as advanced cancers of the breast, uterus, prostate, colon, liver, lung, brain, sarcomas, lymphomas, and leukemias. After completion of Dr. Issels' treatment, these patients remained cancer free for up to 45 years, leading normal healthy lives. Dr. Issels' treatment also significantly reduced the incidence of recurrent cancer after surgery, radiation, and chemotherapy, thereby considerably improving cure rates.

Dr. Rogers states that "it was my privilege to work with Dr. Issels for the last years of his life. What he taught me will remain with me as part of my practice forever. He was a genius and humanitarian and I have deep respect for him as a human being. He told me how he had always wanted to combine Issels Therapy with Gerson Therapy and for him this combination, as practiced by Dr. Rogers, 'is incredible'".


about Max B. Gerson, M.D.

October 19, 1881 - Mar 7, 1959

Gerson's dietotherapy for cancer is an intensive nutrition-based form of immunology. Macro-nutrient manipulation in the context of micronutrient supplementation stimulates immunity and promotes tissue integrity. It works closely with the healing forces of nature to stimulate tissue repair and normal growth through the input of more fresh, raw vegetable materials than any other nutritional intervention. Fresh, raw fruits and vegetables are the source materials of almost all micronutrients in their pristine organic composition. Although the diet includes some cooked foods in its three daily vegan meals, extraordinary amounts of unaltered foods are consumed. Specific fruits and vegetables, both raw and freshly prepared, and their raw juices supply enormous quantities of many phytochemicals currently under study worldwide for exciting anticancer and health promoting properties. Moreover, the use of raw materials ensures that patients receive even those health-promoting factors not yet identified.

Within the context of modern science and medicine, Dr. Rogers offers the various dietary and detoxification treatments developed by Max B. Gerson, MD. For more than two decades, the medical team headed by Dr. Rogers has used an in-hospital treatment environment as the primary venue for the study, development and refinement of the Gerson nutrition, life style change, detoxification, diet therapy. Today, Gerson's therapy is used as the foundation upon which other therapies are placed.

Oncological dietotherapy is a medical specialty, not unlike oncological radiotherapy. In many instances dietotherapy will be sufficient to cause complete regression of cancer. Dr. Rogers believes that complementary use of medical specialties will lead to more satisfactory overall outcomes. To this end, all patients are enrolled in outcomes studies. Results will be published in future medical literature.