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GERSON THERAPY - Max B. Gerson, M.D., may be regarded as the Father of Nutritional Immunology for his many contributions in chronic and degenerative diseases, infectious diseases, and cancer (see section on "Gerson's Diet Therapy").

AUTOLOGOUS ALL NATURAL VACCINE - The patient's own plasma is cultured, following procedures that favor the development of antigenic peptides and other immunogenic compounds. These immune stimulating products are harvested to create a personalized vaccine. Experience has shown that its effectiveness is enhanced when it is administered within a comprehensive immunobiological treatment program that corrects the conditions that lead to immune suppression. The natural vaccine is non-toxic and sterile. Under medical supervision, it is injected subcutaneously on a varying schedule from daily to once a week for 30 days to 3 months depending on each patient's individual need. Depending on response, a new vaccine may prepared for the patient every 3 months for a year or longer.

AUTO-HEMOTHERAPY - A small amount of the patient's blood is removed, allowed to break down to release intracellular forms, and injected intramuscularly.

ULTRAVIOLET BLOOD IRRADIATION (UVB) - A small amount of the patient's blood is circulated in a closed system, by cuvette through a device which ozonates it irradiates it with ultraviolet light, and returns it immediately to the patient's bloodstream. This procedure produces a multitude of beneficial effects with no known side effects. OZONE - First reported in 1965 to enhance the cancer killing effect of radiotherapy, its regular application is based on the observation that patients experience enhancement of subjective sense of wellbeing. More recently the possibility has been raised that administration of oxygen radicals may compensate, at least in part, for the failure of P-53 gene expression thereby encouraging cancer cell apoptosis (cell suicide). Ozone is administered topically, rectally, and intravenously (during UVB).

COLEY'S TOXINS/COLEY'S ALL NATURAL MIXED BACTERIAL VACCINE - Historically, a surprisingly large number of "spontaneous regressions" of cancer have occurred during inflammatory infections. Coley's toxins are an all-natural, immune stimulating, injectable (dead) bacterial reagent documented historically to have cured many cases of advanced cancer. Gerson (1958) called for an investigation of Coley's toxins within the context of his treatment. No one ever did until Dr. Rogers successfully added this to his advanced treatment protocols in the 1990's. Issels used this material safely and successfully in thousands of Patients over a period of forty years. Dr. Rogers has used this natural mixed bacterial vaccine to successfully treat many hundreds of patients to date.

IMMERSION HYPERTHERMIA - Full body, medically supervised hot tub bath with herbal teas to induce sweating. This includes full body wraps and a cool down. Body heating has been shown to have beneficial effects in cancer treatment.

LAETRILE - Typically it is used together with hyperthermia to weaken and possibly directly kill some malignant cells.

UREA/CREATINE - Danopoulos published in respected journals many provocative reports of tumor responses to synthetic urea and creatine. Dr. Rogers has merged Danopoulos' protocols with the much higher dosages used safely by Nalbadian. This treatment is an important alternative method of tumor debulking.

GOVALLO'S VG1000 - is an experimental natural vaccine aimed at prevention of tumor recurrence. Stemming from Govallo's Russian-certified vaccination to cure chronic miscarriages, injectable placental extracts exploit similarities between tumor immune-masking and placental protection against rejection.

WOBE ENZYMES - Wolf & Benitez (Wobe®) proposed the use of a variety of enzymes in high doses to combat malignancies. Preliminary findings in Germany are encouraging.

POLARIZING SOLUTION - This is a solution of glucose, potassium, and insulin (GKI) given intravenously to reverse tissue damage (edema) in the normal tissue surrounding tumors, and to destabilize malignant growths by making them acidic. It was developed by respected cardiologist Demetrio Sodi-Pallares, M.D. CoQ10 - is a fat-soluble, vitamin-like compound that seems to have many health benefits. It is involved in the production of cellular energy and serves as an antioxidant. These properties make it helpful in the preservation of cells and the prevention and treatment of some chronic diseases. This compound has shown a strong anti-tumor effect in a breast cancer trial (Copenhagen, Denmark). Principal investigator Karl Folkers reports regression of liver and lung tumors in a current German trial.

REOSSIFICATION THERAPIES - These treatments such as calcitonin, clodronate, pamidronate, along with various others can heal cancer-damaged bones.

CARTILAGE THERAPY - Historically, Prudden demonstrated that cartilage extracts from the tracheal rings of young calves accelerates and strengthens surgical wound healing, provides beneficial effect in arthritis, and is curative in malignant psoriasis. He published anti-tumor effects in 1985, and is conducting a current trial showing promise in advanced kidney cancer. Other cartilage extracts like Shark Cartilage are in various stages of development and are being used as a treatment in many medical centers around the world.

PHYSICAL THERAPY + STRESS REDUCTION are essential components of rehabilitation.

STAGING/MONITORING - Conventional lab tests and scans are used to stage and monitor the progress of patients. Patients are requested to bring prior medical and radiology records if possible when coming. Some alternative diagnostic procedures are used, however, physicians typically utilize conventional lab tests and scans at the hospital and for on-going follow-up after patients return home. LABS - Routine basic tests may include SMAC (Chemistry Panel), CBC with Differential, Urinalysis, EKG, and specific Tumor Markers as needed.

RADIOLOGY - Any standard technology, including ultrasound, x-ray, MRI, CT, radionuclide bone scan, etc. may be ordered as often as necessary to monitor progress. Other techniques such as thermography may also be used.

MAXILLOFACIAL FOCI REVIEW - This set of diagnostic procedures includes the biological dentist and oral surgeons as needed. In the mouth, root canals, devitalized teeth, and silver amalgams are considered for treatment. In the nose and throat, sinuses, tonsils, and adenoids will be examined.

BIOLOGICAL DENTISTRY & REMOVAL OF FOCAL INFECTIONS - From the first tonsillitis - causing respiratory infections of infancy - and from the first cavities in baby teeth - strep and staph bacteria and other infections smolder chronically in both tissue and bone. Issels taught and Rogers continues to teach, that infections in teeth, jawbones, tonsils and adenoids are the longest standing (since early childhood) immune suppressing influences common to almost all cancer patients. Surgical removal of chronically infected tissue and bone frees the immune system, giving far-advanced patients another chance to fight the disease from within. For example, in 1972 a consecutive sample of 462 cancer patients underwent tonsillectomies at Issels, Ringberg Klinik. An independent and highly regarded pathology laboratory confirmed that every single pair of tonsils was diseased with infections, atrophy, hyperplasia and even malignancies. After the institution of routine foci removal (including root canalled teeth), the rate of deaths due to cardiac co-morbidity in the Ringberg Klinik fell dramatically and the rate of cures increased concomitantly.

THERAPIES AVAILABLE Individualized therapy plans are designed for each patient on medical review of the patients' needs. Therapy plans are dependent upon the patient's physical condition, optimum results desired, time, etc. The treatment schedule is very important, as are the combination of therapies. Costs vary depending on treatments provided.

FULL GERSON'S DIET THERAPY® as practiced by Dr. Rogers since 1978.

Diseases We Treat

The pictures of tumors are from the beginning of treatment. The tumor free pictures are after a couple of years of treatment.

Holistic comprehensive immunotherapy as practiced by Dr. Rogers is able to reverse chronic degenerative diseases such as arthritis, lupus, Grave's disease, Sjoegren's syndrome, asthma, ALS, Alzheimer's Disease, Multiple Sclerosis, Candida, allergies, Degenerative Diseases, etc.